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It is National Spa Week 30th Oct – 5th Nov.

Although it is not easy to indulge when, as a pregnant woman, the sauna, steam room and hot tub are off the menu. A shame as you clearly deserve it more than most with the achy muscles, disturbed sleep and puffy limbs that often accompany pregnancy. But pampering need not be totally off limits.

Why not bring the spa to you? Draw yourself a warm bath, swish in an essential oil blend (see below), dim the lights, play your favourite calming music, exfoliate with a salt or sugar scrub then nourish your skin with a body butter, oil or cream – and relax.

Better still enlist your (hopefully willing) partner to administer soothing strokes with an aromatherapy massage oil specifically blended for pregnancy. Ylang ylang, mandarin, neroli, orange, chamomile, frankincense and lavender are still available for you to enjoy while most other essential oils are contraindicated during pregnancy. The last three are particularly beneficial for relaxing sore muscles and encouraging sleep. Use all in low dilution and only after the first trimester.

National Spa Week

One way you can benefit from the soothing effects of water is by taking a dip in your local pool. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise during pregnancy and the feeling of weightlessness as the water supports your body will feel blissful.

If you can still reach your toes you could give yourself a mini pedicure. Many nail polishes contains DBP, Toluene or Formaldehyde which are best avoided during pregnancy. Check yours is free from these three or choose a water based formula which reduces synthetic chemicals use further, is odour free and peels off so you can avoid using polish remover too.

Or as you truly deserve pampering professionally, celebrate National Spa Week in style and treat yourself to a facial, pregnancy massage or make over. Remember there will be so much less opportunity to spoil yourself once baby has arrived!

Jayne Russell has over twenty years of experience as a pre and postnatal massage and nutritional therapist and is the founder of Nom Nom – award winning, certified organic pregnancy and baby skincare. Sign up for your free skincare guide “10 Steps to Super Healthy Baby Skin” at