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Massage for Baby

For the baby receiving and the person giving, massage has numerous benefits. Most important of these is strengthening of bonding through interaction. Others include relief from wind, colic and constipation, relaxation and improved sleep and stimulation of the immune system.

Massage can be enjoyed any time of day but make sure you are both ready, your baby calm and alert and you not feeling rushed. Avoid massaging when your baby is hungry or unsettled, has a temperature or seems unwell and over skin that has cuts, sores, recent bruising or is inflamed.

If you have any medical concerns always check with a health professional.

Lay your baby on a soft towel and a waterproof mat in a warm room with comfortable lighting, then all you need is baby massage oil and you’re ready to go.

Try to make eye contact, speak and, if you like, sing to your baby as you massage.

Whenever you massage always make sure your baby is happy for you to do so. Always watch and listen to their reactions and if they’ve had enough give them a break or leave the massage for another day.

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To find out where you can attend a local baby massage course to learn a full routine contact the International Association of Infant Massage.