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Hello I’m Jayne, founder of Nom Nom skincare. I have been interviewed by some bloggers this month, sharing a few of my favourite things from local hangouts to time with my family. Read on to find out more about the mum behind the pregnancy and baby skincare brand along with some tips on looking after your skin from without and within with nourishing oils.

founder of nom nom skincare

I loved doing the interview below with Sasha of Balanced Beauty Bristol – some really fun and interesting questions:

I was introduced to Nom Nom Skincare by lovely fellow blogger Ana, when I had been searching for organic, natural skincare products to use whilst pregnant. Nom Nom looked like the perfect brand for me, with wonderful ethics, vegan products, and Soil Association organic certification. I’ve tried out the Nom Nom Relax Oil – a beautiful, pregnancy safe blend of essential oils; lavender, chamomile and my personal favourite – frankincense. It has quickly become a firm favourite of mine, and my go to body oil for continuing the relaxation after I step out of the bath. I was really excited to interview Jayne for my Balanced Beauties series, to find out more about the lady behind the brand!

My name is…Jayne Russell. I look nothing like my namesake if anyone’s old enough to remember her. I’m not tall or brunette and don’t have her famous assets!

I live in…Crystal Palace, London with my husband Mike and teenage children, son Franklin and daughter Harper. There’s a great community feel here and fantastic views into the city.

Three things that make me happy are…spending time with family and friends, being by the sea (I grew up on the Isle of Wight and miss the coast) and lovely feedback from my customers

Right now I am thinking…I always seem to be thinking “Right, what else do I need to do?” I make constant lists to try to keep on top of everything.

Recently I have been inspired by… I’m always inspired by Jamie Oliver who’s done so much to improve the health of the nation and children in particular. His Food Revolution covers important issues such as healthy nutrition, sustainability and food waste which are close to my heart. I admire that he uses his influence to educate and encourage positive change.

My favourite meal to cook is….something well received and that gives my children their five a day. My spicy bean burgers with sweet potato wedges, coleslaw and salad gets the thumbs up and always clean plates. Everyone happy!

I am currently reading…I usually have one fiction (for my local mums’ book group) and one factual book on the go at once. At the moment it’s Version of Us by Laura Barnett and The Microbiome Effect by Toni Harmen and Alex Wakeford. I’m always looking at ways to support the health of mums and babies and this a fascinating look at the research into how our exposure to microbes at birth may impact on our future health.

My top beauty tip is… use plant oils on your skin and in your diet. They are fabulous for nourishing the skin from without and within. Used topically they’re the best way to avoid synthetic chemicals and preservatives and they give your skin a lovely glow.

My beauty essentials are… a healthy diet, face oil, Dr Hauschka mascara and Translucent Make-up (recently discontinued – I’m eeking it out and desperately trying to find a suitable replacement that works as well on pale skin!!) and Lavera soft eyeliner.

My favourite shop for buying beauty products is… Whole Foods Market – not because they stock my products but because it’s where you get to try such a huge selection of natural and organic.

My best DIY beauty product isNom Nom Stretch Butter. I formulated it for pregnancy but use it myself to remove make up, calm hair frizz and to keep my skin soft and supple all over.

I started making skincare for mums and babies because…. in my twenty years working as a pre and postnatal massage and nutritional therapist I was regularly asked which products I’d recommend for pregnancy and baby skincare issues. I was surprised to find many ranges contained synthetic chemicals and other ingredients better avoided and this led me to create my own range.  I also wanted to extend the benefits of my treatments beyond the therapy room and spread the word about massage, nutrition and skin care for mums and babies to a wider audience.

I chose the name Nom Nom because…I wanted something that meant nourishing and delicious but was struggling so I asked my son, he said “nom nom” as it‘s internet slang for eating something tasty.  It also works as an acronym: Nutrition, Organic and Massage which reflects both the products and my background. Everyone seems to love it and it’s easy to remember!

Organic is important to me because… it avoids the use and effects of polluting chemicals and gives protection to the soil, water systems, farm workers and wildlife.

I am most relaxed when…I’m on holiday with my family. We do house swaps and get to live like locals in different countries. It gives us a break from our busy businesses, gets our teenagers out of their rooms and we all have quality time and an adventure together.

The best advice I’ve ever been given is… The best advice is what resonates with where you are in your life. A good friend recently advised that it is more constructive to focus on what you want to achieve and have achieved, than to compare yourself to others. I realised it was the same advice I’d given my daughter about her school work and saw she was right.

My proudest achievement is…my children, no contest. It’s rewarding to see them develop into fine young people with their own opinions and view on the world.

I also talked to Rebecca of South London blog Maternity Leave Life about pregnancy, babies and all things local:

Local mum Jayne Russell and founder of Nom Nom skincare is an expert in all things skin when it comes to babies and mums-to-be. She told us how she juggles motherhood with running her South-East-London-based skin and nutrition brand, Nom Nom…..continue reading

Finally an article for Bare Biology Magazine on why oils are one of my favourite things. Read my tips for using them during pregnancy and for baby, both on the skin and in the diet.

Jayne Russell has over twenty years of experience as a pre’ and postnatal massage and nutritional therapist and is the founder of Nom Nom – award winning, certified organic pregnancy and baby skincare. Sign up for your free skincare guide “10 Steps to Super Healthy Baby Skin” at nomnomskincare.com