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It’s getting chilly, the leaves are falling and we’re pulling jumpers out of storage. Autumn is definitely here.

It’s all too easy to feel gloomy with the days getting shorter and the colder weather. We all feel like snuggling down and hibernating. So here’s a little something to cheer you up: inspired by the Danish concept of hygge, which roughly translates as “cosiness”, we’re launching a feel good campaign talking about the simple things which make us happy through pregnancy, birth and parenthood. The things which make us #FeelNomNom.

Feel good

Credit – Andrew Vargas, Clovis, United States

We’re here for you on your journey from early pregnancy through to birth, baby and beyond. Our organic skin care has been developed with and for mums and is designed to nourish you and your baby from without and within. When you feel good about yourself and your body or you’re feeling positive about your relationship with your baby, you #FeelNomNom.

Maybe you have felt the baby kicking or spent the afternoon batch cooking ready for baby’s arrival. Perhaps you are enjoying the feeling of baby asleep on your chest; have been out for a walk in the park; or have simply managed to have five minutes to yourself with a cuppa while baby sleeps. Your drink might even have still been hot.

We’ll be sharing the things which make us #FeelNomNom over the next few weeks and we would like you to tell us what makes you feel good too.

Nom Nom products are certified organic by the Soil Association, not tested on animals and use plant-based ingredients. We don’t use synthetics such as parabens and we steer clear of genetically modified organisms and routine use of pesticides. We try to keep our carbon footprint down by choosing sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable packaging and ingredients. Our ethical approach means you can feel good about using our products on your skin.

Our products are complemented by expert massage and nutrition advice to help you feel your best and help you through pregnancy aches and pains and your baby with issues such as cradle cap and eczema. Over the coming weeks our founder Jayne, who has 20 years experience in nutrition and baby massage, will be writing a series of blogs sharing tips on infant massage and how it can help them with their development and coordination, sleep and even help soothe cold symptoms.

Look out for our #babymassagetips series on Twitter and our #FeelNomNom posts. You can also follow us on Facebook and Pinterest. Share the things which make you #FeelNomNom with us using the hashtag.