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organic skincare products

Baby Bath

Always left his skin soft and moisturised. It’s a very gentle product with a lovely texture and not too many bubbles, perfect for a baby’s sensitive skin – Elise

Baby Oil Reviews

I have used this on my 12 week old every day for the past 5 weeks and can’t recommend it enough! It leaves his skin feeling beautifully soft without being greasy. It’s great on his delicate skin and has a lovely, mild scent – Rebecca

Baby Oil

Definitely a 5 star oil! I have used it for 3 weeks on my 5 months old son’s head. He had cradle cap and it is now gone. The smell is gentle and it is easy to apply. I highly recommend it to all mums – Dominique

Baby Butter

We have been using the Nom Nom baby butter for nearly 2 years now and can’t live without it… versatile enough for her face, bum or whichever part of her body in need of extra care. We love it and recommend it to all our friends – Marie

Perineum Balm

I used the balm… and, at the end of a long labour with a baby in a difficult position, I found I had no tears at all and as a result no need for stitches. I will definitely use the balm again in any future pregnancies – Mary Ann