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Find out the scientifically proven benefits of wearing your baby this International Baby Wearing Week with this informative infographic from We the Parents.

Holding your little one close feels like the most natural thing in the world. It’s easy, then, for new mothers to gravitate towards carriers like slings and wraps that keep them close — it’s so easy to check on their breathing, nurse, or give them a gentle kiss.

Babywearing feels good for both babies and mothers, and it’s not surprising to hear that science has found it packs some sincere and powerful ongoing benefits. This is the reason for International Babywearing Week, an advocacy campaign which runs from 28 September to 04 October 2020.

During this week, educators, advocates, professionals, and parents around the world are coming together to celebrate all that babywearing has to offer. This is done through both physical and virtual events that include opportunities for advocacy, education, and the promotion of the scientifically proven benefits of the practice.

  • Keeping baby calm, happy, and quiet is a common goal of parents around the world. A study of infants held at random throughout the day demonstrated that this consistent contact was correlated with a reduction in crying, with the held babies crying 51% less frequently during the night and 43% less frequently in general than others in the study.
  • Understanding your baby’s vocalizations takes time and experience, but the bond achieved by babywearing may make it easier. In one study, mothers who carried their children in soft worn carriers were more able to understand their little one’s vocalizations than those whose babies were carried in hard, hand-held carriers.
  • Reflux, a common digestive condition in babies, can lead to the presence of gastric juice in the ear, causing middle ear infections. Too much time spent in a horizontal position can worsen this, but wearing baby keeps them in the vertical position that’s healthiest for reflux, reducing the risk.

And, as this compilation from We The Parents reveals, there’s plenty to love, plenty to learn and plenty of benefits with wearing your baby.

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