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We submitted two of our baby products for the TIPS Awards Scheme and are delighted to announce they have been given not one but two awards each. These skincare awards are run by midwife and baby skincare specialist Sharon Trotter who says:

“Jayne’s hard work has obviously paid off because our Parent Testers absolutely loved the two products we tested: the Nom Nom Organic Baby Butter Calendula and Evening Primrose Oil and Nom Nom Organic Baby Oil with Starflower.”

Baby Oil –  “They especially enjoyed the delicate scent, as well as the pump action dispenser – this made applying the product quick and mess-free. The oil absorbed easily, left skin soft and was also great to use in the bath. Nom Nom Organic Baby Oil with Starflower is for baby massage and cradle cap, but our Parent Testers used the oil in other ways. They told us how well this oil helped to reduce dry skin patches associated with eczema and psoriasis – this is encouraging indeed. In fact this lovely bottle of oil was so popular that we are decided to award it not one but two TIPS Awards”

Reviews from the testers –

I loved the smell, feel and the fact it wasn’t greasy.
I tried it on my 5 year old – it made his skin lovely and soft (he is prone to dry skin and the odd patch of eczema), although he felt it smelled “a bit like a girl”.
We don’t use oil on my son as it’s either too oily or not agreeable to his sensitive skin. I LOVED this! I put it on after every bath and it was so gentle on his psoriasis.
Baby Butter –  “(the testers) especially enjoyed how easy it was to apply……. Although it was solid at first, this baby butter melted on contact. It left skin soft, helped to reduce dry skin patches and could even be used on the face. In fact this little pot of butter had many uses for a wide variety of age groups so for this reason we are delighted to award it not one but two TIPS Awards: Must-have and Editor’s choice.

and the testers said –

I found this very effective and used it mainly as a nappy cream on my little girl who has sensitive skin, this was perfect for her. I also love the fact it’s perfect for everywhere and great for my older children too.
I love the fact its ideal for everywhere, and can be used on all 3 of my children. Perfect for slipping in my bag too.
I wouldn’t have bought it before trying it as a TIPS Tester because there are cheaper products, but I would buy it now.