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We are super thrilled to share award winning baby skincare news, reviews and a special discount with you!

Nom Nom has won a Bizziebaby Gold Award for Organic Baby Butter Calendula and Evening Primrose. 

Award winning baby skincare

It takes our tally to eleven overall, including two golds. This is the fifth award for Baby Butter!

Award winning baby skincare

I am delighted as this award is based on reviews and scores from parents using the Baby Butter regularly in a month long trial. It means so much when an accolade for Nom Nom comes from the parents and babies it’s intended for.

“As my 6 month old granddaughter has quite severe eczema we tried it on the affected areas which did help to reduce itching and redness somewhat. Good value for money….. it is very easily spread over a good area of the body. I would purchase and recommend. I liked the use of a sturdy jar instead of the usual tube creams and lotions and upon opening and sampling a small amount loved the consistency and how a little went a long way” – Chrissy Miah and Emily & Sydney, awarded 4.9/5

“The product was very effective my son is suffering from very dry skin and the butter has helped him dramatically. I would purchase this now tested and already recommended. The product was brilliant and lovely to use” – Kelly Reynolds and D’Shane 2 months, awarded 4.9/5

“Liked the jar it arrived in and thought the design was very appealing. I like glass jars as find them so much easier to get product out unlike tubes where you always seem to have problems getting the last bit of cream out. This now sits nicely in the nursery…. helped Julia’s dry skin, good nappy rash cream and I also used on my hands as always dry and itchy and worked well” – Lillian Bass and Julia 4 months, awarded 4.7/5

To celebrate our Bizziebaby Gold Award we are sharing 20% off our award winning baby skincare with code BBG20 until 4.8.16.

You can read the lovely reviews in full at Bizziebaby and perhaps sign up to be a reviewer yourself!